Our core expertise lies in online marketing, including industry leading Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per CLick, Display Marketing and Social Media Management

Powered Office is a high end web design and development firm that was looking to start an online marketing presence on Google AdWords and MSN/Bing. The task was to design a landing page that would bring in direct chat, phone calls and form submissions to increase the number of the leads the sales team had to handle.

After a month of development and testing, the landing page was launched targetting 10 of the largest cities in the U.S., and was successful almost immediately; with more than 15 leads coming in each day, the sales team was busy handling the requests. After around 12 months of testing and optimization, Powered Office was handling hundreds of thousands each month in sales due to the inbound campaign.

Using some of the profits generated from the SEM effort, we started a Search Engine Optimization strategy which started to provide additional phone calls and chats within 3 months. By expanding this effort over the next few months, Powered Office is receiving multiple leads per day for all services they offer, including credit card processing, business phone systems and customer software solutions such as CRM.