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Payment processing can have its perks

  • Earn up to 1{e3861bcbb0a00d5e4974d0b90127db01be14cd6c27ff37c4dd7ecaa2cc8fa0dd} back on ALL transactions
  • Redeem points for travel, hotels, car rentals and more
  • Receive a free EMV/PCI-compliant processing device
  • Process Payments. Earn Rewards.


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Simple and secure payment processing meets game-changing rewards program.

Payment processing is essential for any modern business – but there is no reason why you should settle for ordinary. Merchant Rewards combines a simple and secure payment processing system with a gratifying rewards program that business owners can truly appreciate. Enjoy some of the lowest processing rates in the industry while earning rewards points for travel, hotels, car rentals and more.

Merchant Rewards offers a quick and simple approval process, seamless integration and 24/7 support to its merchants. All merchants are supplied with EMV & PCI-compliant hardware to minimize credit card fraud, increase data security, and neutralize external threats. We work day and night to make sure everything runs smoothly so that you can focus on the core elements of your business.

“We’ve been with Merchant Rewards for over a year and can honestly say that their service is a perfect fit for our business. Their payment processing is super simple and reliable; their rewards program makes it easy for us to fly out and meet clients in person; and their support team is always eager to help when we need them. I would definitely recommend Merchant Rewards.”


Receive a FREE payment processing device*

First impressions are important, so we wanted to start things off right. Sign up with Merchant Rewards today and receive a free EMV/PCI-compliant processing device.

  • Start processing payments in no time
  • Earn rewards and redeem points for travel
  • Protect customer card data from external threats

Plus have the security and backing of our 24/7 merchant support team. Sign up and start processing payments today!

Rapidly Growing U.S. Merchant Acquirer in Total Transactions

Over 100,000 Merchant Locations Served

3 Billion Transactions Processed in 2016

Get the best of both worlds!

Enjoy some of the lowest processing rates in the industry while earning rewards points for travel, hotels, car rentals and more.

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* Merchants must sign an equipment agreement and obtain approval to qualify and process with Merchant Rewards. The payment processing device will be shipped after the signed agreement is received. Should the merchant cease processing with Merchant Rewards within one year of accepting the free device, Merchant Rewards may seek to recover the pro-rated value of the device. Limit one free device per merchant account. This offer may be amended or discontinued at any time without notice. Other terms, conditions and restrictions may apply. Call for details.