Brand consistency is essential in both the online and offline world. We take branding seriously and ensure a smooth flow to each medium, from online to offline, a to z.


post_1pagi1post_1pagi2post_1pagi3 is a unique project that Falcon Marketing took on as one of our initial clients back in August, 2012. With creative control given to us from the beginning, we were excited to tackle the project right away. With a simple goal in mind of increasing sales and creating an online presence through PPC and SEO, we started with a website redesign, and SEO strategy.

After 6 months, was processing 4 transactions per day, up from 3-4 per month. Using the newly found profits and knowledge obtained through excensive testing and R&D, we were able to scale the sales quickly, and rolled the campaign into Bing and Yahoo! for additional sales from Search, which proved to be converting well.

Fast forward to the 2014 holiday season (20-30 sales per day) with a plan to expand into PLA, satellite websites and even social commerce, such as Facebook and Twitter to push sales into a new category. With over 1000 monthly BRAND searches, it’s obvious that we have made some movement in Google and created an online brand for Klikyballs. Here’s to a much bigger and more profitable 2015.