Terms Conditions


Merchant Rewards Terms:

These Terms of use will govern the points you earn through your Merchant Rewards account. To earn Merchant Rewards points, your account must be eligible to earn points through the Merchant Rewards point earning program.

We may add to and/or change the Merchant Rewards program Terms & Conditions at any time. If we do change our terms, you agree to be bound by the updated terms. For example, we could:

• Change the number of points you can earn;
• Change the number of points required to get rewards;
• Impose caps and/or fees on earning and/or using points;
• Impose annual and/or other program fees
• Cancel rewards.

We also may cancel the program at any time, as long as we give you three months notice. During this three-month period, we may change or cancel some or all of the rewards that are current at that time. Once the three months have passed, you’ll no longer be able to earn or use points.

Our merchants and rewards may change at any time. Members can only use points for rewards that are currently available. Certain rewards are only available for specific time periods. Some rewards may have additional terms and conditions.

When you use points to get rewards, you release Merchant Rewards LLC (“Company”) and all of its members, officers, directors, employees, affiliates and each of their officers, members and directors from liability for your use of points, for the reward and how you use it, and for your participation in the program.

The Company and our merchants are not responsible for replacing lost, stolen canceled, terminated or damaged tickets, vouchers or reservations. The redemption of your points is subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable vendor. All point redemptions are final.

Your eligibility to earn and use points is conditioned upon you being a merchant member in good standing, and subject to the terms and conditions of earning and redeeming points. We may refuse your request to use points if any of your account is not in good standing. We may, at our sole discretion, immediately upon your discontinued use of our affiliated services, suspend your account. If your account is suspended, you will automatically lose your entire Merchant Rewards account balance.

These Terms & Conditions apply to your participation in the Merchant Rewards program. Points are not your property. You can’t transfer points to any other person or program account. Additionally, points can’t be transferred by operation of law, such as by inheritance, in bankruptcy or in connection with a divorce.

The value of Merchant Rewards points varies according to how you choose to use them. If you have more than one Merchant Rewards account you cannot use the points of one account for the redemption of another account.